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Zouk Lambada, like many other couple dances (i.e. salsa, merengue, tango, jive, swing, samba, bachata, forro etc) has evolved into what it is today… one of the most beautiful Latin dance styles.

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Also referred to as Lambazouk, Lambada Zouk and quite simply as Zouk in Brazil, this modern version of the Lambada evokes the body and mind into a trance like state for the dancer, leaving the spectator mesmerised. With the lush adopted tropical rhythms from the French Caribbean and Lusophone countries, Cape Verde and Angola (referred to as Zouk Love, the only name possible for these exotic sounds; other known names include Kizomba, Cabo Love and Kompa), the dance took on a whole new sensuality. Hailing from a seaside fishing turned tourist town Porto Seguro, Bahia Brazil, the dance was able to touch the rest of the world.

Zouk Lambada is a dance that is hitting dance-floors across the world. It’s funky! It’s hot! It's sexy!